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Valerie Wiener started her communications career in 1964 as a commercial radio talk show host in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since then, Valerie has established expertise as a positioning strategist (and crisis consultant) through her staff, management, and ownership positions in newspaper, radio, television, advertising, community relations, and political press relations. In 1988, Valerie established Wiener Communications Group, a Nevada-based consulting firm that specializes in interpersonal and corporate communications (including witness preparation), positioning strategies, and media relations. In 1998, she founded PowerMark Publishing to produce materials taht help individuals and organizations master their high-visibility needs. Valerie has earned 161 awards for her corporate communications programs, seminars, speech-writing, books, and handbooks.

Valerie is a nationally recognized author, consultant, and speaker in both corporate and youth markets. She has written five books that establish her expertise in these arenas.

Power Communications: Positioning Yourself for High Visibility (NYU Press, 1994) helps individuals position themselves for profit and success. 1994 Fortune Book Club Main Selection and 1995 Money Book Club Selection.

Gang Free: Friendship Choices for Today’s Youth (Fairview Press, 1995 and 1996) serves as a primary resource to teach about youth development, peer pressure, and juvenile friendship selection.

The Nesting Syndrome: Grown Children Living at Home (Fairview Press, 1997) deals with grown children who postpone leaving–or return to–the family home. 1998 IABC Award of Excellence and 1998 First Place Nevada Press Women Book Award.

Winning The War Against Youth Gangs: A Guide for Teens, Families, and Communities (Greenwood Press, 1999) helps to deter kids from joining youth gangs, as well as to assist in disengaging those who have. 285 youths nationwide participated in the development of this book. 2000 IABC Bronze Quill Award, 2000 Nevada Press Women First Place Juvenile Book Award, 2000 National Federation of Press Women Third Place Juvenile Book Award, 2000 National Communicator Award of Distinction, and 2000 Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award.

Power Positioning: Advancing Yourself as THE Expert (PowerMark Publishing, 2000) teaches experts and emerging experts how to define, niche, and position their expertise in an assertive marketplace. Sixty national experts contributed to this book, which also has chapters on excelling both as a consultant and as an expert witness. 2001 Nevada Press Women First Place Book Award and 2001 National Communicator Award of Distinction.

In addition, Valerie is developing a series of handbooks that help high-visibility professionals and organizations position themselves for profit and success. The first four international award-winning PowerMaster HandBooks are:

Advancing Yourself Through Political Positioning (2000)
Advancing Yourself Through Media Relations (2000, 2005)
Advancing Yourself Through Self-Promotion (2000, 2005)
Advancing Yourself Through Expert-Client Relations (2005)

Valerie has appeared more than 450 times as an expert for U.S. and Canadian media to discuss communications, positioning strategies, and youth and family issues.

In addition to her communications career, Valerie has served as a Nevada State Senator since 1996 and as Senate Minority Whip since 2001.

Since 1998, Valerie–the athlete–has earned 14 gold medals in the Nevada Senior Olympics in both Fitness and Weightlifting and holds the state records in both events. Since 2002, she has also earned nine gold medals in Swimming and a silver medal in Walking. In 2000, Valerie was named Nevada’s Distinguished Senior Athlete.

Valerie offers professional services as an expert resource, speaker, consiltant and coach.

Valerie Wiener
In 1988, Valerie founded Wiener Communications Group, in Las Vegas, Nevada, which focuses on positioning strategies, media relations, and power presentations (oral and written). Since then she has earned 161 state, national, and international awards for her communications programs, products, and services.

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