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Power-Packed Programs
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Power Communications Programs
Based on Valerie Wiener’s award-winning books

  • Power Positioning: Advancing Yourself as THE Expert,
  • Power Communications: Positioning Yourself for High Visibility
  • PowerMaster HandBooks
Mastering Media Relations: Positioning for Positive Impact

Crisis Communications: Controlling Negative Public Visibility

Power Presentations: The Executive Advantage

Power Positioning: Advancing Yourself as THE Expert

How to Create and Master Your Public Identity

Advancing Yourself Through Self-Promotion

Advancing Yourself Through Political Positioning

Leadership Through Power Communications

Tomorrow’s Leadership: Coping with Controversy, Challenges, and Basic Communication Skills: Begin at the Beginning

Barriers to Understanding: How to Bridge the Communication Gap

Interpersonal Communications: How to Master Effective Relationships

Listening: The Key to Successful Communication

How to Manage for Success and Profit

Developing Your Business Plan: Strategies for the Start-Up Consultant

Advancing Yourself Through Expert-Client Relations

Your Business Identity: From Research to Repeat Customer

How to Satisfy Customers and Increase Business

Customer Relations: Creating Success From the Inside. . .Out

Professional Mobility Through Resumes, Interviews, and News Releases

Interview Skills: Getting the Job You Want

Working an Event: Business Communications Protocol

Community Relations: Expand Your Involvement, Enhance Your Image

Personal Empowerment Programs
Based on Valerie Wiener’s professional research
and personal experiences.
Fit, Fun, and Fabulous: You’re Never Too Young...You’re Never Too Old

Personal Empowerment: Myth or Reality

Mastering Personal and Professional Empowerment

Professional Women: Reaping Benefits from the PR Pyramid

Surviving Self-Destruction

Victims No More: Moving from Abuse to Ability

Volunteerism: The Ultimate Reward

Youth and Family Programs
Based on Valerie Wiener’s award-winning books:

  • Winning the War Against Youth Gangs: A Guide for Teens, Families, and Communities
  • The Nesting Syndrome: Grown Children Living at Home
  • Gang Free: Friendship Choices for Today’s Youth

Heroes: In Pursuit of Positive Role Models

Gang Free: Friendship Choices for Today’s Youth

Winning the War Against Youth Gangs

Youth Gangs: An American Snapshot

School Violence: Helping Our Children Feel Safe

Community Partnerships: Working Together to Elevate Our Children

Today’s Teenagers on the Jet Track

A Youth’s Pursuit: Friends and Heroes

A Teenager’s Search for Self-Identity

The Nesting Boom or. . . Bust: Redefining the American Family

Rules, Roles, and Relationships: When Grown Children Return to the Nest

Communication Between Generations: A Two-Way Process

 Las Vegas Convention/Conference Welcome
Award-winning “welcome” from the perspective
of a six-generation Las Vegas family

How to Know Las Vegas Like a Native . . .Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

NOTE: Wiener Communications Group will custom-design programs to meet client's individual or organizational needs.

We also offer post-event telephone, fax, or e-mail support.

References Available Upon Request.

Valerie Wiener
Valerie earned national recognition for the media training program she designed and implemented for the University of Nevada/Las Vegas Runnin’ Rebels basketball team. She “coached” them in 1990, the year they won the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship.

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