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Based on Valerie Wiener’s 40-plus years of professional communications experience and her award-winning publications:

  • Power Communications: Positioning Yourself for High Visibility
  • Power Positioning: Advancing Yourself as THE Expert
  • PowerMaster HandBooks

Following is a sample of Wiener Communications Group services which we will customize to address YOUR needs:

Corporate Communications

Internal and External Communications
Training and Development Programs.
Nearly every interactive program we have developed was created in response to a request, and more than 70 percent of them have earned state and national awards. Please feel free to ask us to design a learning experience to meet your particular needs! Wiener Communications Group provides 90 days of post-program telephone, fax, or e-mail support.
Business Writing and/or Editing.
You can benefit substantially from having a trained, objective writer and/or reviewer for written materials you develop and circulate, e.g., letters, biographic profiles, proposals, manuals, annual reports, marketing materials, memos articles, talking points . . . .

Positioning Strategies.
Working with individuals or entire organizations, we can help you optimize your identity and bottom line in a competitive marketplace. For expample, we can help you : enrich contacts with current and prospective customers, maximize what competitors minimize, and position yourself as THE leader--first and/or best--in your field.

Interpersonal Communications

One-on-One Communication Skills Development.
This can involve everything from listening skills to anger management to effective use of body language.

Presentation Skills Training and Enhancement.
Individuals can master their message delivery in sales presentations, keynote addresses, question-and-answer exchanges, outreach events, corporate crises . . . .

Presentation Writing.
We provide the full spectrum of presentation-writing services, including: preparing speeches for others to deliver, instructing others in how to write a presentation, and proofreading or editing others’ written presentations.

Professional “Coaching.”
By assisting you with specific needs, coaching will improve your professional performance and increase the financial returns for you and your organization. For example, we assist individuals with customer relation development, business conversation, professional courtesy, high-impact writing, interview skills, career positioning and re-positioning, and more. Any program or service that we offer at the corporate or interpersonal level can also be utilized in one-on-one coaching.

Special Services
Crisis Communications.
We can help you craft, manage, and deliver messages and responses when you are involved in critical situations. Whether you will be delivering these messages to the media, shareholders, employees, the community-at-large, or other targeted audiences, you will learn how to control each message with confidence, from development to delivery.

Witness Preparation.
Witnesses, whether involved in the plaintiff's or defendant's case for deposition or trial will benefit from learning how to maximize their verbal and nonverbal communication skills when delivering their testimony. In addition, witnesses will learn how to optimize their listening skills to assist them in the vital two-way communication process. We also assist professionals involved in regulatory and other formal hearing procedures.

Wiener Communications Group will work with you
to custom-design programs and services
to meet your individual or organizational needs.

References available upon request.

Valerie Wiener
As an “activational” speaker, Valerie lends her talent to speeches, interactive workshops, consulting, and coaching. She has been recognized nationally and internationally for her expertise in both business communications and youth-and-family issues.

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